Sex Sells

Sex Sells explores the correlation between sex and the sales process

A valuable hands-on guide for sales people who find training normally boring and uninspiring.The program and workbook have been developed as an exciting and interesting, fun, tongue in cheek training tool as well as an excellent refresher for experienced sales people.It takes everything sexual and overlays good and bad sexual practices and process and lays it over the sales process.Get ready for a never to be forgotten experience.Its writer does not take themself too seriously and believes that training should be outrageously fun.We don’t expect the corporate decision makers to take its principals on; however we want to attract individuals who aspire to be great business development professionals as well as great lovers.

It will teach people the difference between statutory rape, raping a client, having a one night stand with a client, creating a long term relationship with a client as well as when your client is ready for a life long committed relationship, move in together and live happily ever after.Here we have a revolutionary breakthrough in sales training. The entire sales process becomes involved with universal sexual practice.How are sales and sex similar? When you engage a potential client are you a good lover or terrible? Most people who have been “sold to” report a “rape” style of experience. Lets change that.....



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